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Brand: J.AIRinc. Model: Fuel Gauge
The Fuelhawk is clear lightweight and unbreakable. It's easy to use and gives an instant readout in gallons usable. No more guessing. These handy devices offer the answers to these very important questions:  How many gallons of usable fuel are still in the tank? How much fuel can be adde..
Ex Tax:13.14€
 The Original Fuel Stop!Never lose a plastic fuel straw gauge again!The Fuel Stop is a simple tool that snaps onto a standard straw fuel gauge and prevents the gauge from ever slipping into the tank.Works with FuelHawk, or any other 1/2" diameter fuel gauge tube. .It also becomes..
Ex Tax:10.33€
Brand: Travel John Model: Travel John
TravelJohnDisposable Urinal, the essential disposable urinal kit you won’t want to travel without.On the move : Frustration mounts while you’re on the road, alone or with your family, and "nature’s call" turns to "nature’s scream". There’s no toilet or restroom available, or if there is, it’..
Ex Tax:6.20€
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