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Pilot Gifts

Brand: Cessna Model: First Solo Cessna
This lovely airline tacket is a part of the "catch-all" group of pilot supplies. It's consider a perfect complement to any attire for the aviation enthusiast.Plane: Cessna First Solo Type: 3-D Cast Color: Gold..
Ex Tax:13.64€
Model: Onderzetters
Aluminum coasters with classic cockpit instruments prints. Four-color printing, non-slip bottom.Only available in this shop!..
Ex Tax:32.64€
Brand: Flyboys Model: Lanyard Remove Before Flight
A Red Lanyard with a detachable clasp for ID's or key's.'Remove Before Flight' silk screened on the Lanyard...
Ex Tax:5.37€
Model: Remove Before Flight Key Cord
Lanyard REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT with „Seatbelt“-buckle     * Longlife, smooth textile-lanyard, removable key chain part with Mini-aircraft seatbelt buckle.    * brandeseal, security-clip in the neck    * dimensions: 58 x 2,5 cm with a necklength of ca. ..
Ex Tax:10.33€
Brand: The Aviator's Choice Model: The Aviator's Choice Pocket Tool
The Aviator's Choice Pocket Tool consists of a 4.3" long pen with eight different tool tops, a key ring and a red banner. The red banner does have imprints on both sides, one with REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT, and the other one with Aviator's Choice logo. This little tool box is a must for every pilots bag...
Ex Tax:20.62€
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